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Southern Gateway Plan – Letter to Chichester Observer

by Harbour Villages on 4 December, 2017

Dear Sir

Residents ignored by District Council leader

I attended the Chichester District Council meeting on Tuesday 21st November.  l and came away totally disillusioned.

Despite many people, who took part in the consultation, calling for a range of improvement to be made to the Southern Gateway Plan, the Council decided to go ahead without changes; totally ignoring residents.

A number of residents put forward compelling reasons why Mr Dignum’s (the Districts Council leader) plans lacked vision, innovation and clarity but no, there was no listening to others just blind faith in the plans drawn up with the Councils consultants.

These plans are simply not good enough for Chichester. The City needs and deserves real innovation in planning new design for the City.

The Freeflow proposals were given short shrift and Councillors who suggested a pause where told this was not possible.

In fact the entire meeting descended into an utter farce with the Chairman of the Council hardly managing to control the meeting.

This plan must not be allowed to go forward in its current formation.

The Council needs innovative designers to consider how improvements can be made to bring in real change for a dynamic, modern city. Transport is changing quickly and there was little mention of how this will be accommodated. Demands for a bridge over the railway line were dismissed as impossible.

The residents and our visitors were let down by a Council leadership that is totally inflexible and has lost any ability to listen to residents.

Yours sincerely

Adrian Moss


3 Responses

  1. Dick Openshaw says:

    Adrian, I totally agree that a plan which keeps the level crossings is madness. I have also wondered for some time why the council doesn’t get heavy with Network Rail over the antedeluvian signalling system controlling the gates, which is part of the reason why delays are so long. When you consider the cost that these daily delays must put on the local economy, an upgrade, even just to 20th century technology signalling, let alone 21st would be a bargain.

    Over to you!

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